EEN's new club, Creative Club, has now launched it's member site. The site is built by Comments along with Toms Byrå in Borås

Miljonlotteriet, one of Swedens largest lotteries,   launches two new products: “Miljonlotteriets Stjärnresa” and “Miljonlotteriets Stjärnpåse”.

Pysselklubben has launched it's new website, www.pysselklubben.se.

Miljonlotteriet expands!

Miljonlotteriet, one of Swedens largest lotteries,   launches two new products: “Miljonlotteriets Stjärnresa” and “Miljonlotteriets Stjärnpåse”.

Miljonlotteriet, one of Swedens largest lotteries,   launches two new products: “Miljonlotteriets Stjärnresa” and “Miljonlotteriets Stjärnpåse”.

The new subscription based lottery products are in the market since September 1, 2007. In both lotteries the customers have a chance to win up to 3 million SEK.  On average every fifth ticket is a winning ticket and in total 40 million SEK is handed out to the customers as prizes.
There are some differences between the two products: Stjärnresan is a scratch ticket lottery with travel and adventure profile. Stjärnpåsen, is a trick and finicky lottery where the scratch tickets are designed as different games (Bingo, Crossword etc.). Every month the customers also receive a magazine with crosswords and other games without extra charge.

Mattias Westholm
“We are very pleased with these new products”, says Mattias Westholm Vice President at IOGT-NTO ”The new lotteries appeals to both a younger and more urban target group than we normally reach with Miljonlotteriet. Thanks to these new lotteries we now can broaden our sales witch is important from a societal perspective. The surplus from the games goes to IOGT-NTO’s important work against drugs and violence in our society, so the sale is worth earnest consideration.”

In connection with the product launches two new websites were introduced, stjarnresan.se and stjarnpasen.se, where one can order lottery tickets, select your prizes and not least register your winning tickets. The websites was created by Commentor in cooperation with One Media.

Mattias Westholm
“The registration of the winning tickets are amazing”, Mattias Westholm continues. “We are alone in the world with this service and it has made life much easier for our customers. Buyers of lottery tickets are, since ancient times, used to go to a Gaming Agent to collect their prizes. But with us you don’t have to do that. Instead you register the web code that is hidden on the lottery ticket and simultaneously the winning is inserted on your personal account that is handled by our business system (Commentor). The next second the winner can order the prizes he/she wants from our prizeshop.”

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