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      Date: jan 16, 2009
     Title: Creative Club is launched on the web!

EEN's new club, Creative Club, has now launched it's member site. The site is built by Comments along with Toms Byrå in Borås

Creative Club is a crafts club focusing on scrapbooking and their target group are adults, unlike their sister club, Pysselklubben, that is for young people.

Every fourth week the members gets a package with material, tools and instructions for different techniques like embossing, 3D-cards and so on.On the site the members can log in and for example download instructions and tips for the packages they have received, you can also see what the next package will contain.

In one part of the site the club hostess Karin Mannerstål shares new craft tips every week. You can also send in your own craft tips and perhaps get them published on the site.There are also a members forum on the site where the members can interact and discuss crafts etc.

Visit the site on: